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Indiri Collection brings you the finest quality artisan crafted .925 sterling silver jewelry from the island of Bali. Each item is Fair Trade and hand crafted with pride in villages that specialize in ancient jewelry-making techniques passed down through generations. Your purchase helps preserve the ancient traditions of this unique island by providing fair and sustainable income to Bali’s independent artisans. (Read more below)

Indiri Collection is a Fair Trade company committed to Fair Trade principles.  The highly-skilled independent artisans who craft our items produce only small batches on their own terms.  Indiri Collection items are made in many different small, independent workshops, and not mass-produced in a factory setting like many other jewelry manufacturers.  Our artisans dictate their compensation and their workplace.  Since our artisans control their own workplace and schedule, they are always free to participate in local cultural and religious activities, which are central to preserving traditional life in Bali.  We verify that each artisan who works on our items is at least 18 years of age.  We also provide micro-loans of raw silver and gemstones to artisans who cannot afford to purchase their own materials.  This means any skilled artisan can work with us, even with very few resources.  We take pride in employing traditional Balinese artisans, whose art is threatened by the new dominance of cast jewelry worldwide, and by large corporate manufacturers which now mass-produce cast jewelry with Bali motifs in countries like China, India and Thailand.

Most Indiri Collection items are truly made by hand, which is not the case for most other jewelry companies.  The vast majority of jewelry for sale these days is cast by pouring metal into a mold for inexpensive mass-production of identical items.  In contrast, most of our items are made from scratch using hand wrought pieces assembled by highly skilled artisans using old world techniques.  That means our our artisans are paid far more per piece, the number of pieces is limited, plus our production process takes much longer than for most other jewelry companies, and we must do more work to ensure the resulting items are only the best quality since each piece is unique.  Finally, our items tend to be more substantial because traditional artisans need more silver metal to work by hand than is required to make cast jewelry from a thin mold.  There is nothing wrong with cast jewelry, in fact some of our pieces are cast, but the result is a different look and feel.  The motifs used in our items are ancient Balinese and Javanese motifs that appear in traditional regional art.  We use only the highest quality gemstones, and we do not use synthetic gemstones.

Indiri Collection supplies .925 sterling silver jewelry from Bali to small and medium-sized retailers.  Our retailers include hundreds of fine jewelry stores, high-end silver shops, and boutiques across the United States.  We do not sell directly to the public, but we are happy to direct you to the closest store that carries Indiri Collection.  Please enjoy the site, and click the ‘Contact Us’ button if you have any questions.